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    A letter to Iceland.......

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    A letter to Iceland.......

    Post by Admin on Sat 10 Oct 2009, 3:29 pm

    Hi there Robsters....Here is a letter I found in my webmail box when I had eventually got back online after my computer breakdown.

    Michael Thompson, of Link-Age/Countrywide has found my topic on the plight of the British pensioners on ROB2 and has kindly taken an interest in this subject here and in many other places.

    Here is his letter; please read it and tell us all what you think of it.

    Hi Paul,

    Before I respond to you’re previous e.mail in a constructive fashion, ive copied and pasted here a letter that I wrote and had printed for me in a leading Icelandic paper some months ago.

    I still have the Icelandic version which was sent to their press by this Icelander who was happy to translate and send it through to the particular paper.

    I thought you might like to read it and maybe put it up.

    Needless to say but I never received one response. Here’s the letter.

    “”Dear Sir/Madam,

    Firstly, I wish to thank Icelanders for their recent generosity of sending blankets and other woollen items of clothing to help some of Britain's poorest pensioners, but Icelanders do not know the full story of how badly UK pensioners are treated. (This is a real crisis for pensioners, that is going untold).

    What you are about to read should not be happening in Britain today, but it is, and what's worse, it's been happening for almost 30 years, since the 1980's, but nobody from the British media, to our politicians, or the British public, is talking about it, I want to say that because of the inadaquate basic state pension in Britain, 1 in 5 British pensioners, from a 12 million generation live in poverty, with many pensioners dying of the cold and starving due to being malnourished, because they cannot afford to heat their homes, and eat properly.

    The British basic state pension is £95. 25a week, and linked to the lower inflation rate, other than the higher national average wages, and the British Government pays just 5 per cent Gross National Product into State Pensions, wheras other countries in Europe pay 12 per cent of their Gross National Product into state Pensions.

    I am writing from the UK on this matter of strict urgency which has been ongoing since the 1980's as a matter of policy from this, and successive Right wing Tory government's, initially lead by Margaret Thatcher's right Wing Tory Government from the outset in 1980.

    Again, I'm referring to that of old age poverty, and the untimely deaths, starvation, and dying of cold among millions of British pensioners due to meagre state pension allowance, following an entire working life, 30, 40 and 50 years, paying into the system taxation, and what we call National Insurance contributions for a state pension on retirement that should be linked to British prosperity.

    In 1997, the New Labour Government were voted into power on a massive majority, following 18 years of right wing under Margaret Thatcher, and then John Major from 1992. People were expecting a "traditional" Labour Government for national renewal, but what we in fact got was more of the same right wing policies, including the continuation of linking the basic state pension to inflation, the wide spread means testing of pensioners, and continued poverty, deaths, and starvation among millions of British pensioners trying to make ends meet.

    This crisis for UK pensioners goes untold by the British TV media, due to The media having to be politically impartial, even the politicians don't talk about it, and much of this reason is because the now Tory opposition started this Off under Margaret Thatcher, and our New Labour Government are continuing it.

    I have been campaigning for pensioners for 20 years, because as a realative younger person I have always considered it my duty to help those in their senior years. I was 60 last April 2008, I do not get media attention, I have to fight every inch of the way just to get a letter in the paper. I founded LINK-AGE/COUNTRYWIDE in 2000 with a view to getting the young to support the old. We are a small group of like minded people from all former Party-political affiliations. We are the only non party political pensions pressure group in the UK with a Manifesto pertaining to all British pensioners calling for UK state pensions to be brought in line with Europe, where we are demanding a state pension increase to £250 a week for all UK single pensioners, and a relevant increase for couples. This is easily affordable.

    There is a myth being peddled by the Government and the media to the effect that due to an ever aging population and diminishing workforce that state pension increases are unaffordable. This is just not true. But this deliberately puts a devide between the old and the young and visa versa, because we British largely are easily devided. The fact is that the Government's means test system for pensioners is costing tax payers 10 times more than the restoration of the earnings link would cost, plus this Government are sitting on a "surplus" in National Insurance contributions in excess of £50 billion, this is expected to be 74.1 billion by 2012. So the money is there.

    The real reason why the Government are keeping the state pension low is because they are phasing the state pension out as the primary source of retirement in this country in favour of the private pension, which is going to effect our young people today in our low waged, short term, insecure job market. This is why our government are happy to force pensioners to reveal any savings and/or assett's they have if pensioners want extra money if pensioners cannot manage to live on the meagre state pension the government pay them, means testing pensioners assures that pensioners "have to prove" they cannot manage by their savings and/or assetts placing them below or above the means test threshold for extra financial help, thereby removing all dignity from pensioners, making them feel degraded and humiliated by the means test system.

    The purpose of this letter is that I am not only wishing to raise awareness of the very serious pension plight of all British pensioners to the Icelandic people, but im also saying that what Icelanders have learned about the plight of British pensioners so far is just a small part of UK pensioners suffering.

    This is why im asking for the further support of Icelanders care of my letter, by asking Icelanders to make their voices heard through their media, to have their media contact me, so that I may be given media space on Icelanding radio phone in stations. Because Icelanders were initially clearly shocked by what they discovered about some pensioners in the UK, so I feel with my further knowledge in this letter, and spoken on their radio stations that Icelanders will be motivated to help even further than they have already kindly done.

    Yours sincerely

    Michael Thompson


    Well folks, I think that that brings the plight of British pensioners right to the forefront of the mind and lets us realise just how unfair to pensioners successive British governments have been.

    Something tells me that "grey-power" will have a profound effect on the up and coming general election, don't you ?

    Best of regards.......

    Paul R.

    If you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem !
    ( Eldridge Cleaver - Black civil-rights activist ).

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    Re: A letter to Iceland.......

    Post by papa_umau on Sun 11 Oct 2009, 11:43 am

    An interesting response from a country that went bust during the bank crash !

    Best of regards


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