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    ATOS Tory hitmen rake in the profits.

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    ATOS Tory hitmen rake in the profits.

    Post by papa_umau on Mon 01 Oct 2012, 12:05 pm

    Axemen ATOS face £40m payday for work making disabled Brits miserable

    Secret figures obtained by the on-line press from an MSP show the full scale of the “misery money” Atos will rake in. The Atos axemen are set for a £40million payday as they cash in on the misery of disabled Brits.

    Hidden figures outlining the huge sums the French IT firm could collect from the taxpayer for their humiliating assessments of whether the disabled should still receive benefits have been discovered by a freedom of information search.

    Panicked Con-Dem ministers have desperately tried to suppress details of the new Atos Healthcare contract for carrying out the tests on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions until 2017.

    But in a move that will lead to major recriminations in Whitehall, this dossier has emerged that outlines the full scale of the “misery money” Atos will rake in.

    MSP Kevin Stewart, who obtained the figures, said: “That Atos may be set to profit by more than £40million is absolutely disgusting.”

    Titled “Atos Risk Management Plan”, the dossier shows a predicted £40,535,679 profit from the £206million Atos contract for Scotland and northern England alone.

    Atos will collect the colossal sum if they manage to put 15 per cent more people through their tests than broadly expected.

    Even if the number of tests carried out is in line with predictions, they will make £28,636,419 by 2017 – enough to pay a year’s disability allowance for 7664 people.

    And if they drop 15 per cent below their expected total, Atos will still be in the money, making a profit of £16,712,945.

    The tests, which have already been going on for years, have been slammed as degrading by doctors and charities.

    The new contract will see two million disabled people across the UK tested to see if they should still receive benefits when the Con-Dems replace disability living allowance with “personal independence payments” and slash the welfare state.

    There was uproar over the summer when Atos, one of the sponsors of the Paralympics, won £400million worth of contracts to carry out the tests in different parts of the UK.

    SNP Aberdeen MSP Stewart used freedom of information laws to request details of the deal for Scotland and northern England.

    The DWP tried to keep the vast Atos profits secret by blacking out the figures before sending the paperwork. They claimed, to Stewart’s fury, that they were protecting “commercially confidential” information.

    But the blundering bureaucrats failed to censor the documents properly, and the staggering sums became visible when transferred to another computer format.

    Stewart, who says he has been swamped by calls from constituents terrified about the Atos tests, called the contract “absolutely disgraceful”. He added: “That a company is making profit like this from other people’s misery is terrible. The UK Government should hang its head in shame.”

    He called for an urgent review of the “sickening” sums being paid out.

    The revelations will heap more pressure on Tory Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith, who has defended the Atos contract.

    Earlier this year, the National Audit Office criticised the DWP for setting performance targets too low, failing to adequately fine Atos for poor performance and not checking the accuracy of data from the company.

    A succession of MPs have tried to find out more about the performance targets and financial penalties in the Atos deal. The UK Government have refused to answer the questions, claiming the days is “commercially confidential”.

    Official figures show that 40 per cent of appeals against decisions not to award employment and support allowance, largely based on the Atos assessments, are upheld. The figure rises to 70 per cent if the claimant gets help from Citizens Advice or other groups.

    I have to ask, is this private company the worst example of how this Tory-led government plan to hammer the poorest, the sickest and the most vulnerable people in Britain so that they can continue to give tax rebates to the richest people in this country ?

    This is just WRONG and it will continue to be wrong as long as this government are let away with these extremely cowardly and cruel actions.

    Anybody ?

    Best of regards


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    Re: ATOS Tory hitmen rake in the profits.

    Post by zathrus on Thu 04 Oct 2012, 12:33 pm

    If anything that this bloody terrible government have done to ensure that they are given the heave at the next general election, this is the one.

    While they dish out tax-breaks to their millionaire pals they keep battering the old and the poor and the sick with a bravado that can only be connected to some kind of rampant glee.

    Sorry for the swearword Paps, but this bunch of bastards really need taken down at the ankles using a big sword.

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