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    Dos this sound fair and possible /


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    Dos this sound fair and possible /

    Post by Technician on Sun 04 Mar 2012, 12:36 pm

    Hi all,

    Just been speaking with my brother who is moaning about the cost of living. We have come up with two ideas. What do you think, is it possible ( not that it will happen !)


    Instead of supermarkets selling gallons of cheap booze, lets get a minimum price ( bring it in line with pub prices ). This extra money, call it tax if you like can be taken and used by the government to reduce tax on petrol, this lowering motoing costs and helping the economy. The increase in booze price will put the pubs back on a fair footing, and at least with booze we have the OPTION of byuing it, and you may reduce NHS expenditure on treating alcohol related diseases !


    May be barking up the wrong tree here, but I am sure I will be corrected by those on here who undertand this problem better than I.

    Wind farms are inefficient, but what about solar power ?. Quite a number of houses etc are now having panels placed on roofs, etc. IF it generates enough power ( as many seem to do ) then they can flog it back to the utility companies.

    How about SUBSTATIALY REDUCING the very high cost of these panels and any extra money they make from 'excess energy' the government takes ( taxes ) and helps people pay off the debt or loan to buy them in the first place ?. This ensures that the home they are installed in will have paid for the panels, and in the long run have reduced utility bills and contribute to clean electrical energy.

    Is this too simple, or just a flawed idea ??

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    Re: Dos this sound fair and possible /

    Post by papa_umau on Sun 04 Mar 2012, 1:18 pm

    No Technician NOT "too simple" or "flawed".

    Living up here in Scotland our SNP minority government has already attempted to bring in minimum-pricing for alcohol in supermarkets and dedicated retail shops and the first attempt was defeated by the opposition Labour administration up here because - at the time - the SNP did not have the required working majority required in order to get this through.

    Since the recent general election up here the SNP has acquired a good working majority and this minimum-pricing for alcohol sales Bill has been resurrected and is expected to become law very soon.

    Whether the London government will copy this move or not is another subject altogether !

    The "renewables" idea is slightly different.

    Scotland has a wealth of renewable energy schemes including windfarms, ( and yes they can be a bit hit and miss as they only work when the wind blows at a certain speed, ( not too fast or too slow ) ). We also have a lot of power going into the national grid from hydro-energy, and some going in from tide and wave generation too.

    Micro-generation, ( as the generation of power at domestic and workplace situations is called ), is one way to do it but as you already said, the installation of such systems up-front can be very expensive and can take many years before the monetary outlay is returned.

    I do think that once the central government get themselves sorted out here and the Feed-in tariff argument is sorted out we may find that if the tariff is not going to be cut afterwards, and many more homes will have solar generation panels installed.

    As there are a number of ways that individuals can generate their power needs domestically or locally at factories and such-like, if this was really subsidised by government a lot of the power that needs to be generated at the moment in large and dirty power-stations could be cut substantially. Read about this HERE

    Technician.... we are going to need some very gifted and visionary government planners if these suggestions are to be fulfilled right across the country and while this would cost a lot in government subsidisation it will get cheaper and cheaper and more effective as the ideas are taken up and as fossil fuels start to run out.

    Anyway...thanks for the thought and I think that both of us and others that watch and write to the forum will agree that this HAS TO BE the future for Britain.

    Best of regards


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    Re: Dos this sound fair and possible /

    Post by zathrus on Thu 08 Mar 2012, 12:53 pm

    Two very complicated ideas there guys !

    The minimum pricing of alcohol is a minefield and to my mind it will not stop the well off from imbibing while it will hit the less well off very hard.

    I don't know why the drive for the use of renewables is not seriously subsidised by central government.

    Then again, maybe the renewables are not important enough when we think how much money the oil companies are going to lose when the oil starts to run out and these green ideas eventually catch on.

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    Re: Dos this sound fair and possible /

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