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    I have just written this letter ( email ) to a Lib-Dem MP, who is not my constituent MP, care of my local paper



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    I have just written this letter ( email ) to a Lib-Dem MP, who is not my constituent MP, care of my local paper

    Post by Parliament.... on Mon 06 Jun 2011, 2:14 pm

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I really must be allowed to reply to Adrian Sanders response to me H/E, May 30th, because I found Mr Sanders reply both patronising and arrogant to Britain’s elderly generation, and myself.

    First of all im not a Liberal Democrat so I can say this in conscience, that in my letter of May 24th I never said it would have been easy had Nick Clegg formed a rainbow coalition with other parties at the last general election, but I wished this rainbow coalition been achieved for the sake of this country, this is what our politicians are in power for, to debait and work things out.

    Then we would still have had “stable” Government with the various parties the Lib-Dems would have been aligned to, and the point is that none of these other parties would have had the Tory’s far right agenda for Nick Clegg to do battle with which is now destroying jobs, cutting welfare, cutting disability, and our old people still enduring a meagre State pension and means tested handouts, this is the arrogance of the right wing, using the Deficit as an excuse to systematically reduce the vital role of the State.

    But no, Nick Clegg put his party first, because the Lib-Dems are the party with the minority of voters, and of seats, and not his country first when Nick Clegg choose to form a coalition with Cameron’s right wing Tory’s, and he did this knowing that the British people had already suffered 18 years of right wing rule under Thatcher and Major, plus we had Blair and Brown for another 13 years embracing the same right wing territory.

    No matter what Adrian Sanders says to try and justify this coalition, nothing can change the fact that the Lib-Dems will never form Government, particularly not after this coalition in my view, but also due to lack of seats and lack of voters nationwide, therefore Nick Clegg has put himself and his minority Lib-Dems in a situation that will do more harm than good for the next 4 years to the face of Britain.

    And regarding Adrian Sanders remark about me not thanking the coalition for restoring the pensions and earnings link, frankly I think Adrian Sanders lives of another planet to me.

    Because the proposed State pension changes to a “universial” State pension for NEW PENSIONERS ONLY is discriminatory, and will create a two tier system for existing pensioners who have not only paid NI contributions, but may also have paid in to a private / occupational pension as well.

    This will discriminate on age grounds and surely cannot be acceptable under Equal Rights legislation. It will widen the gap between the UK State pension, and that of other EU countries. Surely this cannot be acceptable under EU legislation ? .

    Mr Sanders should know It is the human right of every elderly person living in Britain, to be able to live in dignity in their own country, on an income relevant to the country’s overall Wealth, because our elderly people have given their all over the years re- a lifetime of working and financial contributions, they should not be penalised by our rich and elite political leaders for any reason on reasons of an ever aging population, or because of a Deficit.

    This basic tinkering with the State pension is based on the myth that a decent increase in the basic state pension is not affordable, yet the coalition government Adrian Sanders, find it easy to find the money for fighting wars, or sending billions of pounds to third-world aid or to bail out EU states when they get into trouble, or to maintain an anachronistic nuclear deterrant that there is now no use for, but you seem not able to make the plight of our own elderly people a priority.

    And you might be interested to know Adrian Sanders, that for the past few weeks I have been in email correspondence with my own MP Sarah Wollaston on the very same issue that you rightly say I have spent a lot of time writing about, ie the grossly inadaquate basic state pension in this very wealthy nation.

    In her recent correspondance to me, Ms Wollaston included the following “””As to the level of the State Pension, this is a matter of affordability. Thankfully we are all living longer so there is a relative increase in the retired population compared to those of working age who can support the cost of pensions and this, on the background of our financial crisis means that the pension cannot be further increased at present. This is big cop out, and I have told Ms Wollaston as such.

    To be precise to you Mr Sanders, I have asked Ms Wollaston to raise in The House of Commons, this very serious issue of untimely deaths among our elderly people through the Winter Months due to among other things, a serious lack of income, but Ms Wollaston has rejected an increase in the State pension as unaffordable, Ms Wollaston favours home insulation.

    In our e.mail exchanges, Ms Wollaston sent me the following graph on Winter Deaths in this country, as follows, and I have to add Mr Sanders, that none of these facts ever reach the BBC TV NEWS.

    Excess winter mortality in England and Wales, 1986/86 to 2009/10
    Winter Excess winter deaths Deaths per day Deaths per hour
    1986/1987 26,370 220 9
    1987/1988 32,970 275 11
    1988/1989 21,160 176 7
    1989/1990 47,200 393 16
    1990/1991 37,940 316 13
    1991/1992 34,850 290 12
    1992/1993 25,650 214 9
    1993/1994 25,900 216 9
    1994/1995 27,290 227 9
    1995/1996 40,190 335 14
    1996/1997 47,690 397 17
    1997/1998 22,900 191 8
    1998/1999 46,840 390 16
    1999/2000 48,440 404 17
    2000/2001 24,840 207 9
    2001/2002 27,230 227 9
    2002/2003 23,970 200 8
    2003/2004 23,450 195 8
    2004/2005 31,640 264 11
    2005/2006 25,270 211 9
    2006/2007 23,740 198 8
    2007/2008 24,690 206 9
    2008/2009 36,450 304 13
    2009/2010 25,400 212 9
    Source: Office for National Statistics

    This graph cites the director of Age UK stating that 'The simple fact is that the UK has one of the highest winter mortality rates in Europe – higher than even Sweden or Finland – makes it clear this is very much a home-grown problem.’
    Adrian Sanders, Ms Wollaston is a Tory and she is parroting the status quo, when it goes without saying that we can afford to increase the State pension without raising income taxes, but this and successive government’s have’nt had the will to do it, because the right wing since Margaret Thatcher broke the State pensions link with male average earnings in 1980, 31 years ago, simply do not believe in the State pension, or the role of the State, so this is ideological, it has nothing to do with a lack of money, because clearly it can be proven that Britain is a very wealthy nation.

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